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CU & MU Horizontal Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Superior Marine Fire Suppression

Coverage from 25-485 cu. ft. (0.7-13.7 m3) for engine rooms, machinery spaces, and other enclosed spaces for Class B fires.

  • Fire protection fluid with very low Global Warming Potential (GWP <1)
  • Low toxicity in a properly designed system (no harm to personnel)
  • No damage to sensitive equipment
  • Not targeted for emission reduction or phase-out
  • Factory Mutual and USCG Approved
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CU & MU Series


CU & MU Series Brochure

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CU & MU Series Owner's Manual

Size: 788.72 KB
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Selecting Your System


  1. Choose either the CU (automatic) or MU Series (manual/automatic).
  2. Determine the volume of your engine compartment in cubic feet or cubic meters, L × W × H.
  3. When in doubt, always choose the model that covers greater volume to ensure adequate protection.
  4. Determine the pull cable length, if equipped.

Ready to Install

Each Fireboy system includes a heavy-duty powder coated steel shelf bracket system, helm display and owner’s manual.

With optional angle adapter CAA-0285-01

Fireboy High-Temperature Manual Discharge Cables are fire-resistant and are required for all MU Systems installations. Sold separately.