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Fire Detection Systems: “FBD” Series

FBD-MZ Conventional Fire Detection System

The FIREBOY-XINTEX FBD-MZ Series Fire Detection Systems can be Programmed for 4 to 12 Zones of Fire Protection.

Monitor Vessel From One Location


These systems can be set up to monitor the engine room, battery compartment, lazarette, toy garage and accommodation spaces. Each system features easy installation and minimal display setup to customize.

FBD Series Features:

  • 3.5 in Square LCD Back-lit Color Display
    – Water-resistant
    – System Monitoring and Alarm Indication from One Central Location
    – Audible Alarm for “Fire” or “System Fault”
    – Programmable Screens for Easy System Description
    – USB Port for Display Programming
    – USB Drive Included
    – 48” Wiring Harness to Connect to Control Module
  • Programmable from 4 to 12 Zones
  • Monitor Up to 8 Detectors Per Zone
  • Auto-sensing 12/24V DC Supply
  • Voltage, Reverse Polarity and EMI Protected
  • Marked
  • Monitor Fireboy-Xintex CM D5/6-M CO Alarms Through FBD Display
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Fire Detection Systems: FBD Series

Model Number




194°F Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector (Engine Room) w/o base



Optical Smoke Detector (Accommodations) w/o base



Optical Smoke/Heat Detector Combination Detector w/o base



Base for OMHD Heat or OMSD Smoke Detectors