Current Product Brochures and Owner’s Manuals

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Please note:  these product brochures and owner’s manuals are for current versions of our products.  For legacy versions, please visit our legacy brochures and manuals page.

Get Adobe ReaderOur online owner’s manuals and product brochures are created with Adobe Acrobat®. If you need the free reader, click hereAs our manuals are well illustrated, they are large files. Please be patient as they download.

Owners Manuals with Installation Instructions

Fireboy Company Overview Brochure


Fire Supression

MA2/CG2 HFC-227ea Owner’s Manual

CG and MA Series 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Owner’s Manual

GA2 Series HFC-227ea Owner’s Manual

DU-RBH-01 and DU-RCH-01 Deluxe Discharge Alarm Manual

Engine Shutdown Manual and Installation (ESC Series)

Engine Shutdown Manual and Installation (ES / ELS Series)

Engine Room Volume Worksheet

Engine Shutdown Troubleshooting Guide

Engine Shutdown Model Selection Chart

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Recommendations

Fire Detection

FR-1000 and FR-2000 Fire Detection System Manual

FR-4000 Fire Detection Manual

Gas Detection

CMD5-M Manual

S2B-M-X2 Methane Gas Detector Owners Manual

G1-B and G2-B Gasoline Fume Detection System Manual

G-1BB and G2-BB Gasoline Fume Detection System with Blower Control Manual

P-1B-R and P-1C-R Propane Fume Detection System Manual

P-1BS-R, P-1CS-R and P-2BS-R Propane Fume Detection System with Solenoid Valve Control Manual

C-1B-R and C-1C-R Propane/CNG Solenoid Valve Controller

Propane Systems Recommended Installation Instructions

Single Propane Tank Illustrated Diagram

Dual Propane Tank Illustrated Diagram

S-1 Propane Fume Detector Manual

S-1A Propane and CNG Fume Detector Manual

S-2A Propane and CNG Fume Detector Manual

Discharge Alarm Manual

M-1 Gasoline Fume Detector Manual

M-2A Gasoline Fume Detector Manual

MB-1 Gasoline Fume Detector Manual

MB-2 Gasoline Fume Detector Manual

S2B-M-X Methane Gas Detector Manual

Tank Monitors

Pneumatic Liquid Level Monitor 1 and 2 Instructions

Pneumatic Tank Sender Cutting & Calibrating Instructions