CG Fixed Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

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Automatic Discharge Fixed Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher – CG Series.

25 to 1,000 cu. ft.  HFC-227ea and 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Models Available.

Protects engine rooms and machinery spaces up to 1000 cubic feet

Pre-engineered, total flooding system

The safest way to combat an engine room fire

Automatic discharge at 175°F (79°C)

HFC-227ea – effective Halon replacement clean agent

3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection is more environmentally friendly with a lower global warming potential

No water or powdery residue

Includes powder coated mounting bracket and 2 in. helm display

3-Year Limited Warranty

USCG, Factory Mutual, ISO RINA, and Bureau Veritas Approved

Selecting Your System

1. Determine the volume of your engine compartment in cubic feet or cubic meters, L x W x H. Do NOT deduct for engines, fixed tanks, or other equipment.

cg-500-hull-100-86-ft-2162. Choose your model from the Model/Size Chart.

Example: CG20950227 = automatic discharge with optional manual discharge, 950 cubic feet coverage.

NOTE: When in doubt, always select the larger model size for adequate protection.


WARNING: Diesel-powered craft require installation of an Engine Shutdown System.

Optional Fire Extinguisher Accessories

NOTE: Fire extinguisher systems not available online. Please contact Fireboy at 616-735-9380.