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Fire Detection Systems: Commercial USCG Approved Vessels

Elite RSM Marine and Offshore Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel


Two Loop Panel USCG Type Approved, and ABS Approved, for the protection of accommodation areas and machinery spaces.

Two full SLC loops allowing 256 primary addresses.

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United States Coast Guard Certificate of Approval

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Date modified: 01-08-2021

Elite RSM Fire Alarm Control Product Sheet

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Date modified: 01-08-2021

Elite Networking

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Analog Addressable Serial Annunciator

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Single Action Addressable Pull Station

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Explosion Proof Addressable Pull Stations

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Wall Mount Horn/Strobe

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24V Low Profile Evacuation Outdoor Horn/Strobe

Size: 1.55 MB
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Date modified: 01-08-2021

Multi-Tone Strobe

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Date modified: 01-08-2021

Multi Flex Sounder Base

Size: 1.28 MB
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Date modified: 01-08-2021
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  • 3 programmable relays
  • 5.25 A power supply
  • Large graphic display
  • Real Time Clock
  • Apollo Protocol
  • Stores 1000 last events in event log
  • Stylish Compact enclosure
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Drift Compensation
  • Fully user programmable by point or zone
  • Compatible with eView Annunciator
  • Programmable through a PC connection to the panel
  • 2 programmable NAC circuits with internal synchronization support
  • Can be networked with additional Elite RSM Panels
  • Powerful, network wide cause and effects (500 total)
  • Compatible with eView Annunciator

Additional Information:

  • Dimensions: 14.5” W x 18.9” H x 4.25” D
  • Comprehensive day/night mode facility.
  • Programmable one touch test mode.
  • Powerful and versatile cause & effect programming
  • Cause & effect wizard including: – Cause & effect action – Disablement configuration – Test mode configuration

Host up to 126 detectors with Apollo communication protocol per loop.

Fireboy-Xintex Elite RSM uses leading edge microprocessor technology to provide a flexible control system with high reliability and integrity.

Elite RSM control panels can be expanded and networked to become a flexible control system.

The large graphical display and ergonomic button and indicator layout, the Fireboy-Xintex control panel is simple and straightforward to understand for installers, commissioning personnel, and boaters alike.