CO Detectors End Of Life

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Approximately five years after activation, your Fireboy-Xintex Carbon Monoxide Detector will enter the EOL (End of Life) phase of its existence, beginning at 4 years and 11 months. There will be both an audible (intermittent beep once every 30 seconds) and visual (green LED will switch to “off,” red LED “on”) component to this alarm. During this initial flagging period, depressing the Test/Silence button on the right side of the detector will silence the alarms for three (3) days at a time. This alarm feature is designed to remind the owner that it is time to replace the detector, before its five-year life span expires.

Once the detector has reached its five-year threshold, the detector will shift to an alarm that cannot be manually silenced. At this point, a new Fireboy-Xintex Carbon Monoxide Detector will need to be purchased.

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL for short), instituted a mandate approximately five years ago, outlining the End of Life Standard for Carbon Monoxide Detectors to protect users from the danger of boat operation without accurate means of detecting this potentially deadly gas.


Learn more about the UL Mandated End of Life Standard for Carbon Monoxide Detectors.